Dispensing Services

Our professional services are provided by qualified and accredited pharmacists in a respectful and confidential manner. Prior appointment is not necessary.  

*Additional charges may apply for these services.

Clozapine dispensing

Clozapine must be monitored regularly for potentially serious side effects and interactions. We work alongside the Mental Health Team to ensure that the patient receives the appropriate monitoring and that each dispensing is safe for the patient without interuption to their treatment. 

Opioid substitution service

We liaise with the Community Alcohol and Drug Services (CADS) to offer opioid substitution dispensing such as Methadone and Suboxone. Our pharmacists are trained to administer your dose accurately and safely on a daily basis and/or as takeaway doses depending on what was agreed upon with your doctor.

Smoking cessation (nicotine replacement therapy) 

Pharmacists are trained to provide the correct dose of Habitrol patch, gum or lozenges at the funded price to help you stop smoking. We also provide advice and ongoing support to assist your journey.

Trimethoprim dispensing*

Trimethoprim is an antibiotic treatment used for non-pregnant women suffering from uncomplicated lower urinary tract infection aged between 16 to 65. All our pharmacists are trained to supply this antibiotic for you after conducting a consultation to ensure that this medication is the best option for you.

Emergency contraceptive pill (ECP)*

The emergency contraceptive pill, also called the morning after pill, will help prevent pregnancy and is most effective when taken as soon as possible, and up to 72 hours after unprotected intercourse. All our pharmacists are trained to supply this medicine for you after conducting a private consultation to ensure that this medication is the best option for you.

Sildenafil dispensing (erectile dysfunction)*

Sildenafil (Brand name: Viagra, Vedafil, Avigra, Silvasta, Silagra) is used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction in adult men aged between 35 and 70 years old. All our pharmacists are trained to supply this medicine for you after conducting a private consultation to ensure that this medication is the best option for you.

Blister packs*

Personalised blister packs can help ensure that the right medication(s) are taken at the right time, on the right day, and at the precise dose prescribed by your doctor. This is extremely useful when a patient takes multiple medications with complicated dosing schedules and dosing regimens. Blister packs are simple to use and can be supplied to you weekly, fortnightly or monthly depending on your preference. If you wish to learn more about blister packs and see if this is the right option for you or your family, please contact us today. 

Long-term conditions (LTC) service

This is a free service designed to support people with chronic illness who may have trouble with medicine compliance. An assessment will be used to identify the factors which may affect the patient's ability to take their medications as directed by their doctor. Our friendly pharmacists will work together with the patient to address each issue, and assist in synchronising your medications, so only one trip will be needed to have all your prescription medication refilled. We can also provide you with a reminder service (via text message, email or phone call) to let you know when your next supply of medications is ready for collection. If you are having difficulties managing your medicines (e.g. forgetting to take them, second language), please ask us so we can assess if you are eligible for this programme.

Prescription text reminders

Text reminders will improve your medication compliance, especially among patients with chronic conditions. We will send you text alerts to let you know that you have overdue repeats or held medication(s) waiting to be collected. It is entirely up to you if you wish to proceed with the dispensing, or to stop the medication. 

VIEKIRA PAK dispensing

All our pharmacists are AbbVie care accredited which means that we can dispense your VIEKIRA PAK or VIKERIA PAKRBV prescription.

WINZ and other reports

If you require reports on your medicines or the cost of them, please ask a member of the pharmacy team to process that for you. 

Southern Cross card

Are you a Southern Cross member? Please present your Southern Cross card with your prescription to our pharmacy staff so we can process the claim for you on your behalf. 

Free dispensing for children under 13 years old

For all fully funded medications prescribed under the New Zealand pharmaceutical schedule will be dispensed for free for eligible children under the age of 13. This will also include all after-hour fees as well.

Medicine and syringe disposal 

We encourage safe disposal of medications. You should return any expired, unwated or unused medicines lying around at home to help reduce the chance that others may accidentally take or intentionally misuse these medicines. We can also safely dispose any sharps for you such as insulin needles and syringes. 

For more information about these services, please do not hesitate to contact our pharmacy. Our contact information can be found on the contact page, or ring us on (09) 444 7289.