Our Team

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Our qualified pharmacists can assist your health needs and provide advice and treatments for common health conditions for all members of your family.

Our pharmacists can help you understand what your medicines are used for, how and when to take them, warn you of potential interactions, and possible side effects you may experience. We work closely with other health professionals such as your doctor, nurse, midwife, and dentist to ensure that the medicines you receive are safe, accurate, and the best option for you.

Our pharmacists are also qualified in providing other services such as the emergency contraceptive pill, antibiotics for urinary tract infections, erectile dysfunction medications and smoking cessation treatments.


Our highly trained pharmacy technicians are the experts in making blister packs, and management of medications for patients with short or long term conditions.  With their excellent communication skills and extensive knowledge in both the dispensary and over the counter medicines, they will be able to deliver the best possible healthcare solution for you.

When it comes to natural health supplements, vitamins or cosmetic products, our experienced retail assistants will recommend the right product for you.

We are also an approved training site for young ambitious intern pharmacists and pharmacy technician students. Occasionally you may meet some interns/students, who under the supervision charge will be able to help you find the best solution for your healthcare needs.